First Dreams

This dream register begins after some time since I started to have conscient dreams regularly. Before these dreams I already had had others, much spaced in time, perhaps by years, mainly in my childhood. In those first dreams, I remember my main sensations were about flying at my will, but this was not always easy. The associated euphoria sensations had also been kept in the memory.
Since I began practicing on some concentration exercises, by March 1998, I started lucid dreaming again, and now on a regular basis. From then, with the support and the indications given by Florence, I maintained a certain regularity and, recently (by March 1999), I improved somewhat in this field, both qualitatively and quantitatively.

Some dreams around April 1998 weren't recorded and as such they don't appear here.

Dream nº 1
Beginning of April 1998
(This dream was not written down and as such its register, made from memory, is a little incomplete) I'm at a little village at country-side. When I got aware that I am dreaming, I think about raising me in the air to appreciate the uppersight to the village. An euphoria sensation invades me and I pirouette in open space, going up and descending and entering in the houses. I go until a house where I meet my parents and some friends of them. They move around normally, on their feet, but I explore actively my capacity to float in the air and to displace by flying. At a certain moment, I got in a party or a kind of people meeting. There appears a friend of my family, which I always considered as an arrogant and conceited man. We start quarreling, but, as always before, his stature (he is at least 20 cm higher than me) and his attitudes makes me feel diminished. The tone of the quarrel goes up and, astonishingly, I start growing up physically until I got greater than him, inverting the situation and completely dominating over there.

Dream nº 2
(this conscious dream took place when napping during a flight trip to Johanesburg, South Africa, at about 4 am) Just after I went sleeping, the surrounding noise inside airplane gets increased. I get aware I'm at my seat but I'm dreaming. I leave my body turning around my conscience center and trying to see my resting body and what is around it. The only similarity is that there is yet an airplane but everything more is different. People are talking loud, there is a whole party in that airplane. As I'm aware I am free to go where I want, I decide to leave the airplane. Outside it's dark night, I fly over the ocean. I find a cruise boat full of lights, then a town full of colour from its fluorescent lights. I'm completely aware that I just need to think about a place, or a direction to go, to be there next moment. I have an encounter with threatening animals, coming from the dark, two or three lions. I feel frightened but realise immediately that I must face them. I concentrate over them, full of fear but fighting it. After a while they become less threatening and finally they disappear. I decide to come back to the airplane. (I have a break in my memory here) I'm inside an airplane with no seats at all, like a great reception hall. Lights go on and off. At its ceiling thereare a lot of multicolored pendant lamps, with bizarre forms. Peple are dressed in ancient Rome and Greece costumes, some warriors wear their armours from those times. (dream events went somewhat more but I don't remember them anymore since at that time I hadn't yet the habit of taking notes of my dreams).

Dream nº 3
(Until 4.18 am) - I leave my body carefully and appear over a small town similar to OF but with higher buildings. I try immediately doing a lot of things because I'm aware to be in a conscious dream and I want to profit my time as best as as possible. In arow, I try to do a lot of actions: see my mother, make appear a beatiful woman, to find someone to talk with and pose him some questions. I can't accomplish any of the previous and feel myself going to awake. I start spinning (as some texts readed before indicated that as a way to avoid awakening) to keep inside the dream but got slightly awake. Coming back to dream and I decide to do just that I've done before many times and feel myself at ease: flying. I fly fast as rocket, going through buildings, just like Superman does it - my actual physical position is the same as his. Then I see some dogs pulling a cart and go close to them. I ask them some things (I can't understand clearly what I am asking) and I face them face to face with a provocative attitude, going closer until we are really face to face touching each other's nose. I find a child and start doing him some questions: how much is 2 + 2, what is his name, etc.(I'm trying here to practice what I've read before at an article from P.Tholey) I don't get any answer back. Then I lose my lucidity and go back to a normal dream.

Dream nº 4
(4.45 am to 5.30 am) - Going to sleep, I get aware I'm lying at bed in the room sleeping but I can't move any part of my body. I can concentrate my sight and see the floor getting closer but nothing more. I see some images cartoon like, coloured. I keep making efforts to get out from there but I almost go awake. I start spinning and keep inside the dream. After a while I see something like an animated black and white picture of water flowing fast, whirling and making waves. This gets bigger and bigger until it becomes an ocean of aquatic explosions and simmering water. Suddenly, I'm moving fast in the open space above a town with a sea harbour. There is a beatiful music in the air and I feel great, full of power. I have full control to where I decide to go. Spinning in the air, I see, below on the ground, T walking with someone more. I find face with some pendant lamps and I decide to switch on those which are off. They actually last about 1 or 2 seconds to light on. Last lamp stays decisively off, I try to light on pressing another switch, then turning the bulb tightly, and then I check the bulb wire. Suddenly, a man appears from inside a bar telling me that that lamp doesn't work at all. I keep wandering inside that large bar, in the air with music until then I start wondering what shall I do next, feeling somewhat bored. Things start to dissipate, I still try to spin around me but I go awake.
I go back to sleep getting just half-conscience. I'm seeing a video with plenty of bus crashes, very impressive with lots of hurted people. I became again conscient of me in a party, I start dancing with someone familiar to me, an older one. I can't make the rythm with my partner and then a girl ivites me to dance with her. I'm in love, singing and I leave the room through the window, flying freely in front of it to my beloved one. I note my white socks (I hate white socks on me) and I desire they aren't there when I look again. When I turn back my look they still are there. I see the sea far away, deciding to get there. I feel almost awakening and make efforts to follow a boat which enters in a channel, going after it and wondering I have gun machines to shoot it down. I chase it along some unpaved tracks but just see some furtive men. I feel more and more restrained in my movements and get fighting against some threatening black men armed with cutlasses. They try to get me, hurting me but I hand a cutlass against them giving them serious wounds. I start concentrating on getting in the air and make my escape from there. Feeling near awakening I look for something interesting. I see a sage elephant and decide to offer him my cutlass as a gift. When he is about to speak, opening his mouth, I enter inside him. I make a false awakening to a dream where I'm taking notes and messing in a pile of papers, looking for the date of my first conscious dream.

Dream nº 5
(8.50 to 9.20 am) Got conscious as soon as I went to sleep. I'm at a corridor with the floor in wood plugs. It's amazing how I can see the tiny details of that floor. I go to a counter which seems to be at a medical clinic and ask something at the person there. I meet a nurse and I persuade her to come with me selling toothpaste tubes. I say to myself I have some magical powders in my pocket, try to take them out with lots of effort and spread them over the floor concentrating my mind to make appear a little robot car to carry over all the merchandises we're taking with us. The car doesn't appear but I persist and put everything over an imaginated car, failing again to make appear the car and everything goes right down over the ground. We go to a counter and tell the servant there we need help to sell our products, we need also a list of people adresses. (Some pieces from other dreams lived earlier that night do appear now and interfere with this dream) I'm set at a row with other people where a lot of milk packs are being registered at a supermarket cash counter and then they are approved or rejected. I see a hazard game table with four women playing. An old woman leaned against me and asking me to hold her up but she lose her balance and falls down.

Dream nº 6
(4.40 to 5.17 am) Its hard to go sleeping, went through several semi-conscious semi-sleepiness, where a buzzing noise filled my ears. I was balancing between conscience and not-coscious dreaming, with its content related with the memory about trying to have a conscious dream. General mood is depressive and dark. I just can't move and when I finally got able to leave that place (the place made me remember some hot-houses from D.C.), everything is dark. I just can't tell where I'm going. Sometimes I head up, others down to earth. I call for Seth, asking for help. I appear inside a room where a man who looks like a gangster grasps my arms. I inquire about him. At first I don't understand anything he says. When I do it, it's completely disgusting. I keep inquiring if he is Seth. Then another one appears on my back. I inquire him too, but don't like at all their answers. At last, more men with children and a baby appear around. Then I realize it's a waste of efforts to stay there, I am not doing anything useful there, have to got rid of all those people. I start trying to get teir hands off from me, kicking and beating them, but nothing is effective. They laugh at my inability. Then I got a gun on my hands and point it right to them. They show more respect at me. I start shooting them one by one, some seem to fall down but others are not affected at all. The child is threatening me as a ferocious wild animal. I point the gun to baby's head. At last I got able to escape breaking a window glass and flying into the dark space. Wakening.

Dream nº 7
(9.00 to 9.12 am) While falling asleep, I keep my conscience and start feeling a strange vibration over all my body. It's like a strong figures. I got free and slide to in front of a mirror. I try to pass to the other side of the mirror. I go sideways and see the two cartoon figures coming to where I was before. (I become more conscient) Colors are yellowish. I'm leaving to the outside space. Wakening.

Dream nº 9
(10.30 to 12.00 am) It's hard to fall asleep, staying lots of time in a semi-sleeping state. I feel an Intermediate State coming by. Looking for not get awake and keeping asleep. Doing nothing seems to induce awakening. Then I try to move around and leaving all that "darkness". I start seeing something of my T-shirt and trousers, some more objects laying at my room. A TV appears with an image from P.Formosa bay, there is an islet over the sea. The image is very clear and colourful. My mood is getting good and high. Now I'm seeing more and more clearly. I leave my room to explore the house. Talk to people. I have an erotic meet but forms change fast and I have to make all efforts to keep images undistorted. My body feeling is kind like being suspended over an air pillow, very pleasant and "electrical". There's a background music with hymns. Fly over beautiful landscapes, buildings, people and hotels. I go on spiralling around me, turning and turning around and at each turn everything is different. This is fantastic! I go down closer to other people, paying attention to them with affection and curiosity. Everything is beautiful and harmonious. I feel L. closeness when entering back to my bed. Wakening.

Dream nº 10
(Around 10.00 am) Falling back asleep from a short awakening. Enter in a Intermediate State, there is lots of buzzing noise and an odd feeling. I start moving to try see anything, begin to perceive my room door and the wall next to it, covered with geometrical patterns. Suddenly I'm tossed violently against the wall and wake up feeling my head heavy and numb.

Dream nº 11
(9.00 to 9.30 am) I'm looking fixedly at a cloudy sky, don't know if I'm awake or dreaming. There is a light, or a colourful sun, behind the clouds. I get aware I'm dreaming consciously and I can project myself to that light, what I do rightaway. As always, the feeling of noise, of vibration and of my own body is changed. Go back to the dream scenario where I was before, when not-conscious. There were having their lunch uncle N., his wife and some little girls. I wander around there and decide go open space outside the house, suspended over a trapezist's seesaw. I decide to explore more areas letting the dream go by itself. Images appear, change and disappear, continuously. I see a scene with mariner soldiers on a warship going to the battlefight, I see futility of war. Someone in the boat is arrested and they made him several cuts and bruises on his forehead and chin. They finally kill him in a horrible way, but slow and quietly. Now I'm with L. and some more people around me. I'm convinced I'm awake and want to tell her my dream but I'm doubting that because I still feel odd. I think must be dreaming and awake at same time. The friendly lady says I must be highly stoned. Then I see her facial expressions transforming and start glowing colours according to her state of mind. I make the deduction that I'm still dreaming. Again, leave things go by themselves, observing them and trying to not interfere. After a while, I find myself inside my car at a harbour quay looking face to face against another car. I'm still doubting if I'm dreaming or awake, I decide to make a test: if I drive it and make a strong wish to leave ground and start flying, if it really happens then I'm dreaming. So I do it, going back somewhat, getting speed and taking off just like an airplane. I'm vibrating with joy and start piloting my new "airplane". Doing some turns and decide go back to see the previous dream's house. There is an area surrounded by clouds which I try to avoid when doing circles over the house. I have to go down a lot, losing altitude, and then I'm flying inside a space much more small, the size of a living room, avoiding to crash against curtains, lamps, etc. Then I'm again on earth and feel tired, it's best to wake up. Wakening.

Dream nº 12
(5.30 to 7.30 am) It's a bit hard to get sleeping. When I do it, start dreaming that I'm entering the room to go sleep. Then I remember I did that before, so it just can be a dream. Immediately enter in an IS. Just after that, several Int.State's alternating with half-wakings happen in a row. I can't go far anymore from the room where I am. Gradually, make my way and leave my body and the room.
Gloomy tavern - Go down to a tavern where meals are being served. I'm hungry, I intend to ask the waiter for several courses. (Now I do my first successfull attempt, while in a conscious dream, to talk with other people and get back intelligible answers) Words flow clearly and are perfectly understood, wether from me or from other people. From time to time, I still have that feeling of going to awake but make my way to keep inside the dream: it's just a matter of concentration over what is happening, observing carefully and getting aware of dream's "surrounding", its general feeling and scenario. Some aquaintances are entering now. Everything goes normally excepting when I do some punctual volunteer interventions, where I stoop forward or levitate in the air at impossible postures (when awake...).
Flying over the coast - I decide to leave the tavern and fly over the coast. It's night, cliffs glow strange in the dark. Sometimes images get less clear. Dogs pass by and I caress one of them.
Now I'm in a room with a brunette girl, she has black pants. I see her clearly, but I never met her before. She plays with me, inviting me to have sex, and taking off her pants. She is very attractive. The image is not quite stable, I let myself go along with my own pleasure and it wears off.
Friends meeting in a house - I'm having a party with friends. Talks are clear and detailed. Now I exercise some golf swings and got aware of the mistakes I have been doing: "At downswing, I keep turning my legs too much. As a consequence of this, the dowswing arc is deviated anti-clockwise, my arms get delayed and I don't turn my wrists. Solution: to stand more firmly on my legs and feel my arms passing over my legs." That place is crowded with people I have to persuade getting out of my training area.
Now comes an ex-wife of a man who is here, she is escorted by her present husband, a big bumpkin asshole. They're coming to take her daughter away with them. There's some uneasy feeling among people. Somewhat later, there's again more unease: the ex-wife, the husband, and follows the ex-wife of the husband, a bumpkin prostitute looking, and also coming together, the lesbian ex-girlfriend of this last one, everybody mad with their ex-partners. What a mess ! The house master tries stop entering more people but it's hard to. I decide leave the house, going through the window and flying down. Outside there I hear a friend's help message at a call recorder. I fly right to the place, ramping through streets and buildings. Starts raining a gluey and corrosive substance. People run away, some of them swim in a sea of that shit. I save some children from that.
Meet with ZR - I meet Z, we decide go to have dinner together. I meet AR and another person at restaurant door. I introduce everybody and we all chat for a while. The person with AR mocks at Z, suggesting he is ignorant about portuguese food. ZR turns mockery against the mocker showing his knowledge about several typical food: fried corn, meat on skewer, etc. At the end, I got tired and wake up.
( This was my longest conscious dream (+45 min) up to date. It wasn't better remembered because I went back to sleep before starting to write it down.)

Dream nº 13
(8.45 to 10.50 am) (Normal dreaming) I'm at a social intercourse with several people. We have some drinks which are served on a round turning stand over a table (as in chinese restaurants). All kinds of beverages are ther: liquors, whisky, vodka, etc. (Conscious dreaming) I got aware I'm dreaming and start to explore that place. I float in the air, observe the drinks, etc. (Normal dreaming) I'm at a hotel by seashore over a cliff, it seems FP. There there are some relatives who came from OF. Breakfasts are delicious. I fly to an interior swimming pool. Close to the pool, there are some jaccuzzis with a lot of types of hidromassage. (Conscious dreaming) Again, I get aware I'm dreaming and start manipulating every knobs and controls at the jaccuzzi, then I got tired of that and try to get out but it's not that easy. I fly over the hotel, see some boats, one of them is a cruise boat, another one is a warship. I try to change the scenario, but it's difficult, I'm rather carried to see what the dream has to show me than going where I want to go. (Half-conscious dreaming) I'm at another hotel from the same company, but I choose to go to the previous one because it has better facilities. I'm in a sauna talking with some unknown people about the need to have some more gym equipment at the club. I get out to bring back that equipment, a girl takes a long chair, I inquire what is that for. She doesn't answer but when she gets at next level at solarium, she shows me an exercise for the head. I correct her telling that is for the neck. I look for breakfast, it's late, plus 11.00 am. I beg some informations, they told me the breakfast is served at level 07 and it's open until 1.00 pm. I speak english to the waiter, he answers me in half spanish half portuguese. Going down to level 06, I see a room divided in two where there are some buffet leavings. At one of the rooms people play games and see movies. At the other one more people chat. I go down to level 07 but there is nothing there. Come back to 06 but I'm ashame to pick up some food. People play target practice with arch and arrow. Wakening.

Dream nº 14
(8.15 to 8.54 am) (Normal dreaming) ... I get closer to a place where it has been poured fresh concrete, at a building construction works. As the concrete is wet, my feet sink in that. The ridiculous of the situation makes me get aware I'm dreaming (Conscious dreaming) I try go back to my room wher I feel myself in the dark, imobile. (starts at Int.State) I try get conscious of what I'm perceiving with my senses, but I feel almost wakening up. Carefully I try to see myself, lifting up my head (or what I feel as my head). Nothing ! I repeat that several times with no success. Then I try moving my hand but I feel my physical hand moving. I go back to a conscious dream where I see lots of children passing in all directions, looking very happy. I leave myself go and went back to room. Slowly I'm succesful and got able to sit down over my bed's edge, looking right in front of it. At beginning it's dark and some dream images interfere in my mind. I try to practise Perceptive Attention. Things get somewhat clearer and I get aware of an increase of vibration, together with a piercing sound. The floor seems made of small wooden plugs, vibrating intensely. In front of me, scenario is different from my awaken room: there isn't the corridor, the room door is open and there are two lit wall lamps, with a yellowish light. Between them there are several thing over the wall: a bookshelf, books, clothes. Slowly, I try looking to my body lying over the bed, he is there in the dark, imobile, but he doesn't looks exactly as my figure. Dream images interfere again. I don't make any resistence to them and let it go. A baby is crying and bubbling a chewing gum, it blows that big, the bubble is full with a gellish substance, then it blows away, covering his face with the gellish thing. Room walls are covered with children pictures I see a dark-skinned girl, lying down, very excited awayting me to have sex with her. As soon as i touch on her, she cries with pleasure. I have sex with her, she has intense pleasure but I can't gon on anymore. At the wall over the bed there is a drawing of a sailship, kind of a caravel, I go right to it trying to make happen a scene from the time of pirates. Nothing done. My attention follows by some drawings sideways with lots of cartoons. Get calm again and try to practise perceptive attention: there is again the same increase in energy but nothing more happens. From time to time, I look sideways to my lying body. It's not my figure, it resembles L much more. I get suspicious. She moves in a way that is not what I suppose would my own way of moving. I try a little more of perceptive attention but got tired and decide to wake up. Wakening.

Dream nº 15
(False asleeping) ... in my dream, I'm trying to go asleep for an Int.State. I'm not able at first but then I do it. (Intermediate State) Darkness and vibrating state oscillates with the (false) awakening. Finally, I keep the Int.State and start seeing the room, look at my feet and see fingers moving continuously. I try getting up but can't do it, at first, I feel awakening iminent. Then leave things go more stable and finally I made my dedoubling from my body, with a feeling as when a parcel is completely untied with a single pull from the rope. More specifically, it's as if that object was tied with a rope in a series of special knots which are untied in sequence while pulling by the rope, this starting at my head until feet. Now, I float over my bed and try to sit down over my sleeping body. I can't do it, everything is very agitated and filled with images. I decide to leave go for a while, leaving dream images flow freely. I go to bathroom and there I decide to experiment how to penetrate solid matter. I look at my hand, it's a bit pale, and then press my fingers against the wall. After a moment, they start penetrating slowly with a certain amount of resistance, as if I was pushing them through a compact concrete paste. I have some fun with that and now try to "knead" a piece of protruding wall. I get the same result. Floating again, explore the bathroom ceiling, it's a bit dusty. I go back to room. Now I see the wooden floor covered in geometrical symbols, engraved down the wood. I see the under part of my bed and remember it could be a demon lurking there, as Flo found one. Calm down but get aware my fears are still there. I hear a loud hiss in the dark, just like a giant snake but can't see anything. Finally I do several attempts to sit down over my bed and start meditating. In front of me, all dream images still go on, but limited inside a wide screen. Although I'm more relaxed now, the person over the bed, who I recognise as L, is quite agitate. I made my way to practise perceptive attention but always in an unstable state. Wakening.

Dream nº 16
(9.45 to 10.30 am) After staying awake for more than two hours, went again to sleep. It's a bit hard getting asleep. When I do it, enter in a Int.State, a very light one oscillating between a false awakening and the Int.State itself. There is a persisting vibration sounding at about 3 or 4 Hz (cycles per second). The intensity increases when I manage to be in an effective perceptive attention state. For the moment, I neither can dedouble nor have visible dreams. Somewhat later, an image appears: it's a lying girl. She lifts up in the air, floating, and starts to turn over herself. Then she goes away, just staying the sensations that I feel wrongly as coming from my room, from my bed. I don't want to awake and make me keeping the attention. I've a pen in my hand, keep my eyes open and see besides me a kitchen salter from which big centipedes and worms are flowing outwards. At my bed, under the pillow, I see big letters printed over the sheet, with information about methods on lucid dreaming. My mother walks at my room, she is going to awake me, I don't want to. At last she sits down and taps me on my shoulders. I get tired of not being able to dedouble and decide to wake up. Wakening.
(In this experience, my supposed awakened reference proved to be a false one. All my feelings of being in the immediacy of awakening were similar to other ones when I was in fact awakening. The Int.State was an intermediate between a vigil dream and another dream wich didn't happened.)

Dream nº 17
(1.15 am until ...) (Right before falling asleep, at 1.15 am, I was in an hypnagogic state with conscious dreams amidst, for a period of about 15 min. I didn't interfere with that, just observing what happened then.)
A rushing flow of images and physical feelings goes on. They have an hallucinatory character: kaleidoscopic images, accelerations, turning fast over myself, etc. When I tried to dominate these scenarios, feelings of fear and insecurity appeared. Letting the kaleidoscope flow out, general feeling was neutral, even a pleasant one. Sometimes, I tried to see what lied behind a scenario where I was interacting with someone, but then that scenario became immaterial in front of my eyes, just staying there its dominant feelings. Went to normal dreaming.

Dream nº 18
(8.30 to 9.15 am) I go along parts of the dreams had during previous hours (the scenes) and gradually I get conscientious. I recognize myself in a zone close to D.D. home and go to search a horse. (In the beginning I do not see it but then it appears and takes physical consistency). I assemble the horse and start crossing fields along paths, trotting and then gallopping. Start exaggerating at maneuvers with the horse. I go up stairs but then ceiling height is low, just enough for horse alone. A man tries to get in my way and he grasps the horse. I shot him but I know he is not dead. After a persecution, I discover that he is a woman and deceit her, opening her appetite with a plate of panades, chips and drinks. Then, I moor her with handcuffs to a glass bottle, which is buried in a rock, firmly welded. I run away through rock stairs but she frees herself and runs after me. She comes by bicycle and I extend a foot to her, she raises in flight and to crashes down over the ground. She is wounded and then comes an ambulance. I feel myself more free and conscientious. I decide to enjoy all this at my pleasure.
Now, the scene is at a steep cliff over seashore. There is a beach full of people and some guys doing a kind of surf on open sea waves. I fly there and slide over waves' crest. I play with people and laugh a lot. Then I got a bit tired and wake up.

Dream nº 19
(7.55 to 8.25 am) I'm swimming over sea, at CN, sitting back over a buoy. I move myself as if propelled by engine. The people who see me are not intrigued. Try different types of movements. I oscillate between waking up, normal dream and Conscious Dream. Now I'm singing and clapping hands, in a modest room, with many plants inside. The perspective is dislocated and I see myself from several perspectives outside my body. My conscience oscillates as a candle flame.

Dream nº 20
I'm at a sleep phase, where it gets very light, alternating with vigil. Fall asleep and enter in Co.Dream. I'm with some aquaintainces and some children. Try to raise in the air but I have to make an enormous effort. I discover that the most efficient way is to contemplate the beauty of a landscape, or of a thought, and let me being taken by this intense feeling, which gives me the energy to go everywhere I desire. Entered in normal dream.

Dream nº 21
(8.40 to 9.30 am) I'm in one room, at a little hotel, where my sisters,T and M, and other friends are housed too. I try to fall asleep, but it's difficult. At last I succeeded entering in a Int.State. My reality referencial is always the previous dream. I keep working the Int.State softly, keeping my attention alert and feeling what it is going on. Slowly, I succeed to dedoubling myself and get floating over my asleep body (oneiric body of previous dream). In the beginning I start turning around me a bit uncontrolled as if I was in the outer space, without gravity and if I could not grasp anything. Later I'm able to sit down at bed edge and start to feel what it is going on. The room is very similar to that one at previous dream (in the hotel) (and to my real room, but despite this, I do not relate them at this moment). I try to pick-up what is going on. I hear sounds outside the room and got afraid that that is going to awake me. I'm able to keep calm and see my sisters entering the room and trying awake me speaking loudly. When they realize I keep steady they leave the room. I can see them from different perspectives whether from my asleep body's eyes or from other positions. I even create instruments to see for example a mirror in the headboard of the bed. I'm able that my lying body's mouth mumbles something to make them go away. My voice leaves heavy and slow. We had scheduled a social event , a lunch or so, but I don't want to interrupt my Co.Dream. I got surprised because I know it is the first time that I'm able to communicate with my supposed true reference reality. Yet I'm interrupted by a blond girl that I do not know and again by my sisters telling me that they go anyway. I'm able to speak to them, outside the room, and supposedly to assume a physical form; they leave me a key which I got in hands (with surprise and effort, therefore it's quite heavy) and I take it to the bedside table. I continue with my work in Co.Dream. Try not to bind to the defiling of oneiric pictures related with recent real events. I care to pick-up all things that are really significant in content. In front of me, I see how works the process of choosing of our life experiences and that those ones are intended for we have a large global scope of life events. The defiling pictures serve as basis to this " demonstration " with didactic purpose. I feel myself comforted and safe and I appreciate better some things I'm convinced they're happening at my true reality: a woodfire, a pan with meat cooking inside, exhaling an appetizing odour. I feel the heat of flames but I know that I'm not burnt by them. I feel the scent and I see the appearance of the meat but I know that it's not necessary to eat. I see the solidity of fireplace materials but I know that I can pass through them, I try to press a finger on the fireplace's wooden bar and I see it piercing it as if it was made of butter. After all these experiments, I sit down at bed edge and concentrate myself on practising the Perc.Think.. At first it's difficult but I got it with some consistency. Now, I'm already a little tired and I want to focus on Perc.Think.. For some time, I look at my breath, and then I wake up. (I had a new surprise when verifying that my true reality world was not that one I assumed while in the Co.Dream. The image of the asleep body was always fugacious and wrapped in darkness, being just possible to perceive an indistinct figure wrapped in sheets, contrasting with the vividness of the oneiric pictures.)

Dream nº 22
I'm in a normal dream, going in a car driven by my mother. Then she launched us into air since a platform by sea side. We land on a bay point, I'm very excited with the flying sensation and realize I'm in a dream. I decide to take the best of the dream. I push down the accelerator to launch again, as an airplane, and make one more rollback in the air. We pass by streets and, just before a road curve, I pull the steering-wheel as if it was an airplane steering rod and here we go again into air. I go up and come back over the sea, it's a gorgeous day, full of sun, there are golden reflexes over sea waves. Sometimes it seems I'm next to fall down because I don't control my car. Holding it firm and I keep going. I see a cruise ship at all speed passing very close to one of the islets of the land tip. It seems it's just going to collide into rocks. I turn and land back again. Suddenly, everything faints and gets immobilized. Wakening.

Dream nº 23
(8.00 the 8.50 am) Fall asleep, start dreaming and I get aware that I'm conscient. In the beginning, I just see brilliant phosfenes: a spinning luminous sphere of light, geometric forms, etc. Then I'm among a manifestants audience, at the first row. A carriage bomb arrives there to disperse the crowd. I stand up fast and I instigate other people to do the same therefore I know I'm not going to hurt myself.
Now I'm in a house that functions as day-care center for children and adolescents. I make the best profit from my conscience, playing fun with every one, young and older ones. The dream has a funny and erotic feeling, at the same time. The house has a lot of compartments for exploring and I do it with pleasure. In one of them I know there are some girls sleeping on berths, I hear them speaking and I enter there, they aren't for fun, they repel me and I have to hide myself. I think about becoming invisible but I do not know how to. An aunt of me arrives, I hear her steps and I hide myself behind a door. A child comes too, who stops behind the door's frosted glass and glimpses me hidden there. After they pass away, I go back to the berths but the girls aren't there anymore. In one small living room, C, daughter of D, plays for money with a friend. As soon as she sees me, she hides everything. In another compartment, my Father is ironing some clothes, he tells me that Mother is pregnant and has to rest. I decide to make a better use of the Co.Dream time before I get tired me and I go look for some girls I know in my true reality and have a good time with them. I drive along the way to their home (part of this way was taken as existing in my true reality, according to my point of view in this Co.Dream, but later, when I woke up, I checked it did not exist), in the beginning this path is a familiar one but later it becomes strange and I don't know how to get back to the known path. I go on along a road tacking by a precipitous cliff until I get to a vacation and leisure center. There, I meet lots of known people who are preparing for a special party, just as new year's eve. They invite me to party with them, but I feel quite an intruder. Everyone sits down on a large staircase over gardens and swimming pools. The area is all covered with a transparent structure. The arriving of a bus caravan is announced, then it shows as a toy train in real size. The local leading entertainers go in the locomotive, peanuts poured from everywher and laughter outbursts came from inside. I took part on that and I decide to disturb the party, above all this is a dream where I can make what I want. I go until the locomotive and I shoot peanuts inside there, I say some silly jokes, without much skill. People start to notice me and become more talkative. The locomotive starts for a round pass along the vacation center. I have some bomblets with me and I make them explode on the ground. There are children around there and their parents do not enjoy those explosions. I teach some girls how to do with the bombs. Sometime later I got tired of all that and wake up.

Dream nº 24
(6.30 to 7.30 am) (In this dream there is a transition from normal dreaming, not-conscient, to a half-conscience that never became a full conscience) I drive at tail end of a file of loaded trucks and buses, along a windy road by a precipitous cliff. Overtaking the cars is impossible, all the road is dangerous because, sometimes, trucks don't have force to go uphill and start sliding backwards. Some wooden loaded trucks arrive at a place over the cliff where their driver sends them, with all its load, down the precipice. I follow their fall down to see where the trucks stop. At half way of precipice hillside there is a great piled up wooden deposit. There, I see too a kind of automobile plant. Here I get aware I can observe better and more conscientiously what I'm to see.That plant is not a common one but it's instead a giant superstructure of car structures, composed by whether on normal car structures or on organic structures. It has enormous air conditioning ducts. I observe everything with care and I have a certain control on directing my attention and on displacing me around there. I move myself around as a shadow, observing the cars by inside and outside. Pass by people who are working there or walk around seeing the carriages.
I leave and meet a small group playing rugby. I catch the ball and I run to mark point. They are not very happy. I sit down at a table with the house people, they're english, they explain to me the basic rules of the game:
1º Passing of the ball is just allowed to backwards, considering the direction to mark points.
I tell to them I knew this rule before.
2º A player has an action area, which is quite defined in the field, and before he can move himself, he must communicate to the adversary where he is going.
I was unaware of this rule before and I ask for more details. Some girls sit down with us at table. I got aware I'm wearing contact lenses and eyeglasses simultaneously. I throw eyeglasses out and I feel quite relieved. We all observe a sunset through strange clouds, it looks like fire behind a dense smoke-screen. I suppose to be in England and I ask them if aurora borealis occur at this latitude. They answer me no. A family of Dalmatian dogs comes nearby. The father (or mother) with 2 beatiful puppies. One of them is a very lovely one and has a rosette around his neck, he runs close by one of the hosts.

Dream nº 25
(about 9.30 am) I dream that I fall asleep and keep myself conscient. It is a very light conscience. I see a building construction area where a group of workers chat, at their lunch break. It is a static picture, just like a photographic one, with few details and a vision field limited to a central zone where I'm looking at. I relax and, slowly, the vision field area magnifies and the figures start moving. Sometimes, the figures, men or birds (gulls), disappear out of my vision field, I try to follow them but they vanish and I feel myself just about to wake up. I remain quiet and observe. I'm perfectly conscient that I'm sleeping (After wake up I was doubtful if my true reality referencial was the same that I had then) and at same time I have a window of conscientious vision opened to another world. The scene now is enlarged, the place is somewhere similar to Ocean Park building but the building itself does not exist yet, just the excavation site, and, outside, the bay is different faraway. After a while, I become free from my static position and am led, flying, to see the places close around. Everything what I see is very realistic, but my flyer position is not. I try to guide my flight but things start vanishing and I feel about to wake up. I relax and I leave myself being lead around. I cover endless places on land, in air and even underneath sea, looking at fish habits, living inside their burrows and swimming freely in shoals. By second time I go underneath water, I dive quite deep, it's dark around me. I start to ascend but surface never arrives. I got impacient and I decide to speed up the ascent, then I feel myself as an atomic submarine missile, just about to emerge. Wakening.

Dream nº 26
(7.00 to 7.30 am) Fall asleep in a very light sleep, start to dream not-conscientious and I have a short awakening. When fell asleep back, I keep conscient. It's all dark, I just feel my body breathing and I wait some moments. I start seeing letters printed over a white background, it is a meaningless text but composed of normal words. My vision field is narrow in the beginning but then goes widening slowly. Step by step, I'm able to dedouble me and I fall immediately in a dark well. I keep myself calm and when I arrive at well bottom, I start exploring that place. I'm still in the room. I touch the walls, find a Santa Clause doll and I strain it all trying to break apart but it behaves as if it was made of dry gel that is never broken up and always goes back to its original form. I feel afraid and I imagine that terrible things could appear or happen to me, but I keep calm and nothing happens. I'm tired of being inside the room and I decide to leave outside. Crossing the window is not straightaway. Outside, the scene is by seaside, a holydays place that I didn't see before. As soon as I leave, I move away from the house and start to interact in a much bigger space compared to the previous one, but the sensation is perfectly equivalent. Or either, now my " room " is, compared with the previous one, hundreds of times bigger, but my sensations of space, movement and mastery over this
" room " are identical to those sensations before. I play with the clouds and I appreciate a magnificent landscape. At a certain point, I feel that I have nothing more to do, but I want to keep there longer. I make an effort to stay but everything vanishes anyway. I almost wake up.
Now I'm in a room where a man, playing billiards, comes across with two drivers, each one in his car. They enter the room, driving their cars and springing sudden starts against each other. They hurt the billiard player on his foot. I don't care about that. I go on my task, in a kitchen on the other side, arranging my things. Now I make mashed potatoes kneading it with my hands. The physical sensation is pleasurable but strange. I hear the sounds around me, in my true reality world (I suppose this was first time I was aware of sensations in both sides, simultaneously, one of them being the true reality world). I can't manage this bipolar state for long time. Wakening.

Dream nº 27
(6.15 to 7.45 am) I fall asleep very superficially and start to oscillate between vigil and a very light Co.Dream, for about 10 times. Finally, I stay inside the dream. In the beginning, I just see my hands and feet and part of an imaginary room. Later I dedouble and I'm at a town, similar to Lisbon. Streets are empty. I try to raise me up to get an aerial perspective. I accomplish that but I don't have much control on speed, I blow out as a rocket. I come back to ground and now I go off myself onward, grazing over a building. I got buried deeply underneath the ground, I can't see anything and I feel myself imprisoned in a capsule of a blocked spaceship. My vision field is limited and I try to get free. I'm in an underground hangar. An orange Mercedes 300 arrives, driven by a man. He gets out of the car and starts shooting with a machine gun against me. I keep calm, knowing that he cannot hurt me but I'm frightened. Bullets rebound over the capsule. I want to come back upon and I make gestures as if I shoot him but my hand is still empty. " Come on ! - I think - This is a dream and it should be easy to make a weapon appear ". I look for it in the gloves compartment and I found a gun amidst lots of rubbish. It is disjointed and dirty. I point it against the man anyway but it does not fire off.
At the end, I leave and wake up slightly. I fall asleep again and see a model (mockup) of an enormous, isolated building. It looks as if standing over a black rock, the building's upper part is red. I descend down to the scale of it, becoming more and more small. I start seeing how the building lower part is rugged and coarse. I wonder a residential touristic complex with many stores and restaurants at ground level and then they start appearing to my eyes. Now I'm at the same scale of the building users, this one is a giant in front of me.
Now I'm in a room taking notes. Dr. P F shows up, we salute each other, he introduces me his brother. He is badly dressed, looking like a beggar. I write down my notes and I read a book about different conscience levels in lucid dreams. At a certain point, the book talks about something that distinguishes the two lower levels from the two higher ones and this is about a neurotransmitter release. The otorrino doctor from the Clinic of Career arrives and he confirms to me what is written in the book. Then he goes to examine Dr.P brother who is naked and crying as a baby. They have to make on him a painful examination. I wander around for a while more. Wakening.